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UC Kotha Klauan Rawalpindi

About twenty thousand population of Dhok Chaudrian was upset due to non availability of water.
With the full effort of government and nongovernmental sectors, a water supply scheme was established before ten years but because of meager resource of water, the needs of inhabitants could not accomplished. With the passage of time, the supply of water came to an end and millions of rupees were lost. The abandon supply of water in rehmatabad had made an impact on the needy people of dhoke chaudrian, and they moved towards and asked for backing. Cbo rehmatabad prepared a proposal after an inclusive survey of the vicinity under which 3000 houses may be facilitated with water. cbo rehmatabad consulted with accountable inhabitants to outline this proposal as an project on self reliance basis in the shape of community share. Consequently, the needy would pay rs.4000/- each per connection for the treatment of scheme as operating cost. Each one will disburse rs.300/- on bulk supply as monthly bill and cbo will provide water upto the zero point of populace. The selected water management committee will be responsible for all the concerns with the available sources. To ensure the provision of clean drinking water for next 30 years, cbo rehmatabad has formulated a plan to put in three more tube wells. Apart from this, stand by motors for tube wells and stand by pumping machinery for ground water tank will also be mounted and centrifugal pump (20hp after about two km be installed so that the population may obtain appropriate quantity of water.

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